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I trained in Alaska with Iditarod & Yukon Quest Champion Mushers. A lead dog was retired to me. 8 years & 22 sled dogs later, I now have my own dedicated team. 


My sled dogs are my family & my work companions.  We compete in Rig, Bike, Scooter & Cani-Cross Races on Dryland in the Fall. In Winter we Race Mid-Distance on a Sled.


When we’re not running across the country competing, we’re on location giving Rides & Lessons, except when we’re at home resting, getting massaged, hugged, loved & fed lots of raw meat treats.

Sponsor your Favorite Dog & cheer them on!

ROSIE, Age 11 - Retired

Leader /Swing /Team

Current Reigning Matriarch

Sponsored by Brenna Gould

ROLLO, Age 11 - Retired
Leader /Swing /Team
My Anchor, My 30mph free runner!


  • $25 Gets ONLY your name under your favorite sled dog for the season and a signed photo! 

  • $50 Gets you all of the above and a chance to handle at one of our local races!! 

  • $75 Gets you all of the above and private play time with your favorite dog!!!

RAZ, Age 11 - Retired

Wheel /Wheel & /Wheel!
The largest, sweetest, & most agile dog on my team dryland & snow!

Sponsored by Cheryn Couter

RUNT, Age 11 - Retired

Wheel /Team
My Golden Eyed Guy:)

SPUNK, Age 10 - Retired

Leader /Swing /Barometer
My Barometer, My Most Soulful Man!


Age 7 - Passed on

Team /Wheel /Clown
My Most Carefree Happy Guy, left us in Canada, but we brought him back home to rest. The 1st loss of my litters, we all loved him so…

SPECK, Age 10 - Retired

Most miles, most grace, sweetest face!

TOPAZ, Age 8 - Race Team

Leader /Swing
Best Gee/Haw Leader this side of the Mississippi!

TRA LA LA, Age 8-Race Team

Team /Wheel /Leader

My Gentle Giant, calmest on the line, liveliest in the dog yard!

Sponsored by Iakainna Bishop

TOOTSIE, Age 8-Race Team

Gal who gives the most kisses of any dog anywhere we know!

VIOLET, Age 5 - Race Team

Leader /Swing /Team
Shyest, sweetest becoming bossiest soon to be leader!


TRIXIE, Age 8 - Race Team

Leader /Swing /Team
Mama’s Bullet, Littlest Dog with the Biggest Attitude!

ULU Jr., Age 7 - Race Team

Team /Wheel
My only guy still intact, he loves to hug & leave his long signature all across the snow banks!

VENUS, Age 5 - Race Team

Leader/Swing /Team
She loves to run, she loves to get pet, she’ll nibble your sleeve if you haven’t yet!

VOX, Age 5 - Race Team

Team /Swing /Leader
I love his eyes, I love his gait, beware of his sideways glances he’s about to kiss your face!

FRITA, Age 2 - Puppy Team

The sweetest of the puppies she loves playing with Espresso and cuddling up with Ruby

ROXY, Age 11 - Retired

Team /Wheel
Best Singer in the Dogyard!

Sponsored by Gus Kirsten


Age 10 - Retired

Leader /Swing /Team
2017 MVP, Raced every race in lead & single lead!

TAFFY, Age 8 - Race Team

Leader /Swing
My Most Sweet & Spirited Jumping Bean!

Sponsored by Jean Tobin

TUNDRA, Age 8 - Race Team

Team /Swing /Leader
Hard Driving Loyal, Calm, Affectionate Little Gal!

UNA, Age 7 - Race Team

Leader /Swing
My Blue Eyed Sphinx who drives like a bull, she gets so excited when it’s time to pull!

VINNIE, Age 5 - Race Team

Team /Wheel
He hides his empty bowl in his house so nobody gets his food…Big lovable hunk!

ESPRESSO, Age 2 - Puppy Team

Our only dog who is not all white,

he loves to play with Frita and run on the line.

JAMON, Age 2-Puppy Team


Snuggled up with his sister Choco behind him, keeping her warm.


CHOCO, Age 2Puppy Team


Sweet girl, strong puller, she's going to be a leader.

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