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Fun Time With The Dogs
We recently did the dogsledding ride. It was a lot of fun-I sat in the sled and my husband helped drive the sled. We helped get the dogs set up and after the ride,we fed them raw chicken and took off their harnesses. The ride itself wasn't very long-10-15 mins,but since my hands and feet were getting cold, I felt it was enough.My husband felt it could have been longer. I wish we were given wet naps after handling raw chicken. When booking,be sure to verify the meeting place-there are 2 different addresses on the website. It was a little pricey, but she had 2 helpers and it seems there is a lot of work involved setting up the dogs and sleds.The total time was about 1 1/2 hrs. A once in a lifetime

Chap, Rhode Island

Reviewed February 20, 2017.

Sled Dogs Love Their Job
We had purchased a Groupon to try this. We got there late, so didn't get to meet the dogs where they live. But we were in time to follow the truck to the location where they give the dog cart rides. If you go, do not use GPS. Follow the directions on the website. We were late because we used the GPS and then realized we were in the wrong place. After riding around for a while we finally found the place.
The dogs are all friendly and love being patted. And they absolutely love to run. They get so excited when it's time for them to work. Guests help with hitching up the dogs, and can stay afterwards to help unhitch them if they want. With no snow the dogs pull a cart, but when there is snow they pull a sled.

Hilltowngal, Massachusetts

Reviewed November 6, 2016

An Alaskan Husky is a Person's Best Friend
This definitely was an experience that my fiancé and I won't soon forget. We purchased the Wilderness Adventure via Travelzoo since it was something we wouldn't have normally been looking for on our own.  We both had a great experience. Neither one of us are dog owners ( in fact we are docile cat owners ) so we did not know how the dogs would act in a pack setting. There were about 20 different Alaskan huskies, all of them were very social and well trained by their owner Marla who was very friendly and accommodating. We had a great time trying to harness them and being led a ride through the trail. The dogs are super fast and strong. We could tell that they all have unique personalities which makes the experience all the more worth the while. To sum it up; if you are looking for a fun and unique outing, and love animals then you should definitely check this adventure out.


Reviewed December 1, 2013

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