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At Your School or on our Land!

Please use the contact form below if interested or;


Call: 413-296-0187

  • Meet our Team of Alaskan Huskies. Supervised opportunity to pet these social sled dogs!

  • Education about the breed's history & the Hilltown Sleddogs Racing Career.
  • Demonstration of Hooking up a Team to a Sled or Rig, how to harness & line up the dogs.

  • Show & Tell of Mandatory Mushing Gear & Equipment used in Iditarod & Yukon Quest.

  • Stories, Videos or Photos of our 750 mile Serum Run Expedition from Nenana to Nome Winter of 2020.

    • Reading from Marla BB's storybook; The T's, U's, V's & me...

    • Pricing based on travel time, length of program & number of people

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