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Leland's Photos 006


I trained in Alaska with Iditarod & Yukon Quest Champion Mushers. A lead dog was retired to me. 8 years & 24 sled dogs later, I now have my own dedicated team. 


My sled dogs are my family & my work companions.  We compete in Rig, Bike, Scooter & Cani-Cross Races on Dryland in the Fall. In Winter we Race Mid-Distance on a Sled.


When we’re not running across the country competing, we’re on location giving Rides & Lessons, except when we’re at home resting, getting massaged, hugged, loved & fed lots of raw meat treats.

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    • Get Private Playtime at Home where they live or on the Road at a Race!


ULU Jr.jpeg

TRIXIE, Leader/Swing/Team

Born July 2012
Mama’s Bullet, Littlest Dog with the Biggest Attitude

Sponsored by Tootsie, Jin-hee & Neal!

TRA LA LA, Leader/Team

Born July 2012

My Gentle Giant, calmest on the line, liveliest in the dog yard!

UNA, Leader/Swing

Born May 2013

My Blue Eyed Sphinx who drives like a bull, she gets so excited when it’s time to pull!

ULU JR., Team/Wheel

Born May 2013

My only guy still intact, he loves to hug & leave his long signature all across the snow banks!

Sponsored by Theresa Kamp


VENUS, Leader/Swing/Team

Born August 2015

She loves to run, she loves to get pet, she’ll nibble your sleeve if she hasn't yet!

VIOLET, Leader/Swing/Team

Born August 2015
Shyest, sweetest but bossiest with her siblings! She's my little cheerleader on the team.

VOX, Team/Swing/Leader

Born August 2015
I love his eyes, I love his gait, beware of his sideways glances he’s about to kiss your face!

VINNIE, Team/Wheel

Born August 2015
He hides his empty bowl in his house so nobody gets his food…Big lovable hunk!

Sponsored by Sonya Busi!


CHOCO, Leader/Team

Born June 2018

Sweet big girl, strongest puller, she'll find my gloves & use them as a pillow!

JAMON, Wheel

Born June 2018

Crazy happy guy with people, Calmest when working. He jumps in my arms to help get in his box!

FRITA, Team/Wheel

Born June 2018
The sweetest of the puppies she loves playing with Espresso and cuddling up with Ruby

ESPRESSO, Team/Leader

Born June 2018

He's one of a kind.

Sensitive, soulful, smart & he's all mine!


SPUNK, Leader/Swing/Barometer

Born November 2009
My Barometer, My Most Soulful Man!

My Companion, House Dog, King of the Yard, Sprint Master.


TOPAZ, Leader/Swing

Born July 2012
Best Gee/Haw Leader this side of the Mississippi!

TAFFY, Leader/Swing

Born July 2012
My Most Sweet & Spirited Jumping Bean!

TUNDRA, Team/Swing/Leader

Born July 2012
Hard Driving Loyal, Calm, Affectionate Little Gal!

Sponsored by Cheryn Jin-Hee Simpson


Born July 2012
Gal who gives the most kisses of any dog anywhere we know!

ROSIE, Leader/Swing/Team

Born September 2008

Current Reigning Matriarch

ROLLO, Leader/Swing/Team
Born September 2008
My Anchor, My 30mph free runner!

RAZ, Wheel/&Wheel/Wheel!

Born September 2008
The largest, sweetest, & most agile dog on my team dryland & snow!

SPECK, Team/Wheel

Born November 2009
Most miles, most grace, sweetest face!

SWEETIE PIE, Leader/Swing/Team

Born November 2009

2017 MVP, Raced every race in lead & single lead!


RUNT, Wheel/Team

Born September 2008
My Golden Eyed Guy:)

ROXY, Team/Wheel

Best Singer in the Dogyard!

Retired to the Hoeckh's House for the best last year of her long life.

Sponsored by Gus Kirsten

SIGH GUY, Team/Wheel/Clown

My Most Carefree Happy Guy, left us in Canada, but we brought him back home to rest. The 1st loss of my litters, we all loved him so…

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