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Hilltown Sleddogs is a Touring and Racing Kennel, home to a team of Alaskan Husky Sled Dogs in Western Massachusetts. Racing is our Passion and Touring is our Business.

In Summer we offer Sled Dog Camps, Dog Yard Tours and Hikes with a Husky.

In Winter, Spring, and Fall, we offer Rides, Group or Private Lessons, with Our Dogs or Yours, on Dryland and Snow!

We offer Rides & Lessons, Education & Entertainment, On Dryland & Snow, Winter, Spring, & Fall. In Summer, we offer Kids Camps, Dog Yard Tours, & Hikes with your Husky of choice. MORE

Learn to take care of & exercise a world class athlete – the Alaskan Husky Sled Dog! Choose a dog for the week! Learn to feed, pet, play, clean-up after & train a sled dog. MORE

We do it all, Dryland Sprint to Snow Mid-Distance. 10 minutes on a track to 2 days out on the trail. 4 dogs on a wheeled rig to 12 dogs on a sled. 


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