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Summer 2021 Sled Dog Campers:


This year of the Covid, we are adapting so we can still have camps & stay safe.

Safety Protocol  below:


A parent asked if we have a separate space for a child who may get sick. We have over 17 acres of the great outdoors. Yes, we have a quiet place for them to sit outside by themselves, but...

If 1 camper becomes sick, all campers will be sent home & camp will be over for that week. Days not attended will be credited towards next summer. We are not a Day Care. We are a highly skilled finely tuned Sled Dog Team that needs 100% of your child’s energy & attention to stay safe & have fun. Please do not send any child who is at all under the weather or not acting their normal self, whatever that may be:)


1. Campers need to independently keep a face mask & gloves on, except when eating lunch (which will be at designated tree stumps around the fire pit  6 feet apart). We will provide fresh masks & gloves each morning!

2. Campers need to be aware of social distancing & have the understanding of how to maintain it. We call it a dance, one moves in, the other moves out…:)

3. We feel Campers need to be 8 years old & up to successfully implement the above.

4. We will take the temperature of each camper & parent upon arrival in their car with forehead gun no touching.

If either has a fever they will not get out of their vehicle. 

5. Parents will remain with their cars in the lower parking pad. We are very happy to connect with each parent one at a time. No non-camper siblings or visitors allowed out of their cars. *We will allow 1 guardian to meet campers dogs on the last afternoon while also wearing face mask & gloves.

6. Once camp begins & campers can abide by new rules, it will feel like sled dog camp again, because really it’s all about the dogs & kids being together. Your kid may not be able to be next to another kid, but they can be next to their dog:)

7. The new rule is NO KISSING OF DOGS, DO NOT LET DOGS LICK YOUR FACEMASK. Petting, hugging, grooming, massaging, hiking, playing in the playpen & learning to dryland mush are all still allowed. There are no accounts of humans getting the virus from dogs. Fur is porous & not conducive to holding the virus. I’ve consulted with multiple vets. Still, I do not let anyone pet my dogs when we are off the land. On the land all must wear clean gloves they put on on the land inorder to pet the sled dogs.

8. If your child has a hard time with the new protocol, regretfully they may not be able to come back that week and we would credit your enrollment fee for next summer or a future sled dog adventure.

We are trying to make it possible for all to relax & feel safe when here, myself included since this is my home:)

                                             *We have so many stories to share from our Expedition Winters in Alaska!

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