“When we left, everything was normal here. When we set out, I had heard about this virus…but we didn’t really hear about in the U.S. yet.” Marla Brodsky of Hilltown Sleddogs spent several months in Alaska competing in a 700-mile sled dog race, oblivious to the threat posed by the novel coronavirus. Brosky shares what it was like to return to her hometown in the middle of a pandemic on 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘗𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘵.

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Hilltown Sleddogs

Brodsky now plans to write two children’s books about her recent experience in Alaska with her dogs. She also hopes to do some motivational speaking and to show slides of her dogs and her treks, and maybe to produce a television show about sled dogs.People are looking for diversions now,” she said. “Maybe this is going to be a new outlet and a new direction for me.” - Marla BB

Yes we can & Yes we did! 750 miles all 12 dogs on the line all the way Nenana to Nome:) The Hilltown Sleddogs do it all, sprint, mid-distance & distance...Thank you Trixie, Taffy, Tundra, Tra, Toots, Topaz, Ulu, Una, Vox, Vinnie, Venus & Violet:) - Marla BB

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Daily Hampshire Gazette

10/13/2019 Interview about Sweden & Alaska

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Hilltown Sleddogs World Championships Race in Sweden 

Photo Op in Paper from International Race in Sweden

Barometern Newspaper (largest local paper in Sweden) 24 oktober 2019

Page 24/Nybro Genom Linsen “Fargglad VM-invigning” 4 photos from Opening Ceremonies

(We are in the top & biggest photo) 

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2019 Dryland world Championships

Western Mass News

May 2019

Western Mass news

Berkshire Eagle 

February 22, 2019

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"I want my team to be healthy and happy
'They can do anything. My team can do sprint, mid-distance, distance," Brodsky said
'You have to train them like any athlete,' said Marla Brodsky, owner of Hilltown Sleddogs.

Fox 61 News TV

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Mass Appeal TV

November 2018

We take you on a trip to West Chesterfield, as Marla BB, from Hilltown Sleddogs brings us for a ride with her Alaskan huskies. Marla uses techniques that she learned while training with Iditarod racers in Alaska, and built her own facility in Western Mass. 

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Western MASS News ABC40

October 2018

In the News - CaniCross 

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Cani Cross

Hilltown Sleddogs CaniCross

October 2018

In the News - The Guardian

By Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty 

Photographer The Guardian  Brodsky, a professional musher, is building her Alaskan husky dogs’ distance endurance to prepare them for 100- and 250-mile races. They often train in subzero conditions near their home in Massachusetts. Training Run for the 2018 Winter Mid-Distance Racing Season culminating in the Can-Am Crown International Dog Sled Race! Check us out in the UK's The Guardian

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In the News - Hampshire Gazette

Staff Writer Hampshire Gazette
. “People come and they spend time with (the dogs) and it is healing. ... They learn how to interact with the dogs and it is transformative.” Brodsky says she often is told how sweet and loving her dogs are. “I do take pride in that I have something to do with that.”

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